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runs great up to 60 then struggles to come up to speed,could this be a weak fuel pump or regulator or maybe bad fuel injectors?was pulling a p0113 code,so I replaced the MAP sensor and the service engine light did go ...
Will a starter and ignition switch fit from a 2.01L 2003 tracker to my 2004 tracker 2.6L?
that won't stop or back of engine. It's something electrical but can find it. I had transmission replaced and it started making sound after fix. I have to unhook the battery so it doesn't get drained. Any ideas what I...
The power light just came on and I have no clue why
What am I missing? Is there a adjusting bolt, do I have to take it off, or WHAT?? I need to replace the belt. it broke and my wife wants to drive my truck, Please Help
This only occurs when I stop at a red light or a stop sign. It does not do it when I am driving.
cannot figure how to get 2 lenses off of lamps (2)
I'm replacing the struts and shocks along with the strut mount
Cancan anyone let me know how to replace headgasket and do I have to set timing back or not? If I have to set timing can anyone let me know how please.
How do I release the tension to replace the drive belt? The tension pulley is not spring loaded and has two bolts and a curved slot in it.
i just changed my oil in my 2004 chevy tracker n now the transmission is slipping how do i fix it n why is it happening?the same thing happened the last time i changed it but i dont know what they did to fix it....hel...
After a recent Oil change the old oil filter gasket was not removed so when the new oil filter was installed it did not seal. I drove it shortly afterwards. My oil light came on and my vehicle shut down.There was no o...