Occurs everytime.

This is the 2nd Tracker I've owned and both had the same squeak. Its more noticeable on bumpy roads. I thought it may be the steering wheel column, but I greased that and still hear it. I thought maybe its a common problem since its happened on both my cars. I can fix it if I know where its coming from. Middle console/dashboard area?

It doesn't do this every time. It's just does it out of the blue for no reason that we can find.

But once in gear runs fine. Do I need to take in for repair?

Help. I am out of ideas. The pulsing did not start until I changed the pads. No ABS.I also change the rear brake shoes when I first change the pads. Thinking rear brakes may nor be adjusted. I bought the necessary "caliper tool" ad adjusted the rear brake accordingly.

Front brakes are still pulisng afte new rotors and new pads. I am out of ideas.

code 721, replaced mass airflow detector, 6 weeks later same code. Can this be caused by a bad gas cap? What other solutions ?

runs great up to 60 then struggles to come up to speed,could this be a weak fuel pump or regulator or maybe bad fuel injectors?was pulling a p0113 code,so I replaced the MAP sensor and the service engine light did go out,but still not coming up to speed.THANK YOU

Will a starter and ignition switch fit from a 2.01L 2003 tracker to my 2004 tracker 2.6L?

From a 2003 2.01L fit mine?