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My Front Tire Had Low Pressure Last Week So I Put In Air, Then On A Road Trip My Left Tire SHREDDED,After Changing It And Putting My Bumper Back That It Knocked Loose It Drove Fine. Well A Week Later I Get In My Car A...
Has anyone out there replaced their chevy tracker timing chain and guide with parts made in china. I am planning on replacing the water pump, oil pump and all timing chain components with a complete set built-in chi...
I need to determine if I have to replace the clutch, or just adjust the clutch.
Never had any trouble with tracker. One day engine light came on, code po 451 came up. Now trouble starting it. Where is this sensor located?
could the vibration be cause of engine light to be on?
engine stops running when driving some times you have to let it sit 5 to 15 minute ,some times it start right back up. Can not find any bad grounds or wiring