Have checked oil pressure. Belts. Pulleys. Running out of places to check. Thanks

Why is it doing this, replaced belts 3x. Any suggestions?

It feels like the back passenger side is shaking but also feels like the clutch isn't engaging.

is it worth it? they say it runs good but I think to much mileage? What does everyone think?

Tracker suddenly overheating, but only when driving.. never in idle. Replaced thermostat,alternator,water pump...still same. not sure if connected but a\c quit too at same time and battery showing small loses of power .. one rad hose piping hot, other cold...all fans seems ok, blows but no ac. No water in oil or vice versa.. im at the end of my budget for fixes so any info would be great..oh and only codethat came up was for engine overheating

my tracker now will not shift past 1st gear when cold. I have to wait till hot.. checked AFT, was down, added more till full.. once hot , will shift fine. no leaks or puddles under it. but ATF looks like keeps going down, having to add everyday , also causing my check engine light to come on. able to shift manually on lever

Light comes on and stays on until I stop turn off ignition and restart engine, it remains off until the next time I reach 60MPH. No brake problems noted and vehicle runs fine. Under 60mph everything works just fine. What would trigger this light. I have driven 5000- 10000miles with this problem and have run my own scan with OBD but it does not give me any problem with my brakes.

oil in radiator over flow reserve but no coolant in oil