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when i recently purchased my first tracker the ABS light was on and i thought nothing of it. but when i pushed on the brakes there was a moaning. the brakes quit working almost all the way and it did this a few times ...
up a little while driving. The mechanic has replaced the fluid 2 times, no leaks, how do you know the difference between replacing the power steering pump and the rack and pinion? The mechanic said might have to try ...
Loosens up after driving awhile on in the afternoon. If it's not the power steering pump what could it be? My mechanic said it could be the gear box????
Car overheated do to I think low on oil i changed oil month or so ago I thought I put enough oil in vehicle it checked ok when oil level was checked. it runs and there is no other noise that it should not make while...
Then cooling fan begins turning off and on. This is while not moving. Then A/C begins blowing warm air. What could be causing this?
We noticed there was a leak and found the general area that it was leaking but we don't know for sure what is leaking and exactly where. Any help is appreciated.
Electrical problem. Electric doors locks won't work. Did the same thing the other day but got out raised the hood. Got back in and it started right up . Any ideas what could be wrong?
My 2001 Tracker has lost all it oil. The oil sprayed out over the front bumper. Any idea where the leak is coming from as we can't see anything.
blew a golf ball size hole in the metal above oil pan on passenger side. what parts do i need to fix this or do i need a complete newmotor
I have a leak in my air condition, have put freon in in about one week it was working and then it got warm did not hold the freon. but i really want to know where is the evaporator located at.