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when car is a idle the noise is very soft but increases with rpm. took to a local shop and said it is coming from the timing chain area nee to know if the tensioner starts to go bad will this cause the noise or is th...
I have a 79 international scout that I did an LS swap in. The engine is a 5.3 out of a 2008 Tahoe. The trans is a 4L60 out of a 2007 Tahoe (supposedly). The transfer case is a NP241c. Today is febuary 7. Since Ch...
from my rear end differential. Can I just add differential fluid
I need to clean the insides of the pockets due to kids leaving stuff in them & melting. I can't get to the inside of them very well with them attached etc. Will undoing them ruin the pockets also?
And this message did not appear again should I worry about it or what is the reason for this message
Where is the oil pressure sensor located on the 5.3 liter V-8 in 2008 Chevy Tahoe.
Oil pressure gauge is reading 40 psi and the ck engine light is on with low oil pressure warning.
And when I do have the instrumental clusters (gauges) then they will go around erratically. Lately when I lock the Tahoe up and unlock the vehicle when I start it I will have the speedometer and gas gauge and the big ...
electrical problem ground,short cluster lights on and off. pwr windows will not work, radio not work. fan, lights,turn signals work. cleaned all ground points, replaced two 40 amp fuses vehicle starts but will not sta...
Above happens when cold usually. Dealer can not diagnose problem. Check engine light comes on. It is reset by dealer and they say there was bad fuel. It continues.
My A/C Blower runs eratically at all fan speeds, I have checked all grounds, Fuses, Relays and everything seems to be in working order. The only other fix could be the Fan Blower itself. Has anyone else had this happen?