stalls when starting when cold, smell of gas, and a little fuel leak coming from top of gas tank

Was driving and it shit down no warning Stering wheel locked pedals locked died. I turned the key and put in park then restarted it and it started up fine. No check engine light nothing displaying, had autozone check it for reading nothing came up, what could it be please help

I would like to know how to remove the brake transmission interlock switch

Ok so this doesn't happen often but my traction control system light turns on and the vehicle starts to shake and after we hit the gas it stops it did it for a while and doesn't do it anymore what are my options do I get it checked or does this happen often!?

In the afternoon when the vehicle vehicle gets real hot this is when it happen the most, it's quite confusing at times, had the charging system checked several times. Looking for a recall on this, but haven't found one yet.

We have had our 2007 Tahoe for about 6 months and the Rear A/C has not worked since we bought it. I have searched all over the place but have found no answers. I have already checked the fuse which it was good. I just want to know how to get into the rear compartment so I can replace the blower motor. Everywhere I look I can only find part support for the front blower motor. Any help is greatly appreciated.

How often should I have the tires rotated on my 2007 Chevy Tahoe

My gauge is stuck at zero. I got an oil change and had the guy reset the check engine light and it jumped to 80 but after less than a minute it went back down to zero. It only jumped to 80 and moved from being stuck on zero that time only. Hopefully the sending unit will fix it?

checked all fuses and they are good
will not work low, fast, intermiitent

the center console has a storage bin and behind it is a small opening that allowed the card to move back under the dash and into and opening. I removed the driver side panel but can't reach the card, does the passenger side snap on and off?

car is shaking really bad. I replace the plugs and wires and it is doing the same thing. what can i do to determine the problem

We were traveling and the Low Oil Pressure light/stop engine warning came on along with check engine light. We added oil and drove a couple miles and it came back on and the oil pressure gauge dropped as well. We pulled over and called a mechanic and we were told since the oil levels were fine, there was no oil on the ground and the truck was running fine that it was most likely the oil sensor that was bad. There was no knocking and engine seemed fine. We were out of town and had no trouble other than the horrible dinging for the remainder of the three hour trip. When we got home we had oil pressure sensor replaced. That was two days ago and the third time I drove the car (locally) the oil light came on, followed by the check engine light, then the oil pressure gauge dropped and then the Oil Pressure low warning/stop engine came on and chime began again. Engine seems to be running fine. We had a new transmission put in less than 3 weeks ago. HELP!!!!! Any ideas?

Check engine light comes on randomly and I don't have any symptoms of car running bad but changed spark plugs still light comes on. Code p0302. What could b the problem