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I could keep it running at about 400RPM, without touching accelerator, and about 1800 full to the floor. I let it sit for an hour and when I started it, it jumped to about 1400 RPM and stayed there without any acce...
This happens more often in rain. Pumping gas pedal fixes problem. Trans fluid is good. Sometimes nothing at all happens when gas pedal is depressed. Could this have something to do with electronic gas pedal ? It's not...
what does code p0332 mean
Sporadically makes knocking noise. I took it to a repair shop and they mentioned something with one of a few flaps that moves with oil pressure. The guy told me to get a new vehicle. It started after an oil change....
When I take off from a stop light the traction active is displayed on the dash. Could this be a new transfer case. How to trouble shoot.
Lock will not disengage using key fob or switch in the vehicle.
4WD Transfer Case Position Sensor/Selector Switch Failed How do I fix it Where on transfer case is it located?
I was told by Chevy dealership mechanic it would be $2000 to repair. I cannot hear a rattling from a broken bolt and is this a fair price And how long can I drive with this issue since I do not have $2000 saved yet....
I called onstar and they ran a diagonistic and said service the fuel system is that like changing out fuel filter or is it more
the light came on lase week i did scan and it was diagnostic code po455. what i did is buy a new gas cap and deleted the codes.after a week light came back
It stays in low gear and doesn't want to shift and it happens sporadically. Oil was just changed and oil level is good. Thoughts?