The transmission is used I have 1 year warranty I took it somewhere else mechanic said is the transsmition leaking and something is knocking

I have tried to reset blender doors without having to replace both actuators. If I need to replace actuators, how do I access them?

Very random. Turn key and dash lights come on lights and chimes but nothing from the starter. Keep trying and eventually it will start fine. I've replaced ignition switch and start relay. New battery and connections. Any info would be great.

When the come on it pulls to the left and feels like it holds it back from moving

Oil was replaced 2,000 miles ago and is full
Would this be the oil pump going bad? Or maybe something else

can you direct me how to find the code for my reward flight that is part of my card benefits? i get an annual companion flight free and i need a code to get it via delta. i cannot recall how to locate this code. thx