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Oil leaking from head qaskets daily. No water in oil.
I just need information regarding the necessary steps in fixing the interior lining of the sunroof cover. I accidentally left my sunroof open and had closed the cover,and it rained hard and dampened the sunroof cover ...
traction light is lit.displayes traction off..ABS light on,truck makes a grinding noise..feels like its not in gear...?
How do I remove the rear axle?
Had little cracks repaired 4 time now the newest is 1" long. Where can i get it repaired without replacing the whole cover?
I had a code reading of P0440 or P440 which states that the emission system has a problem. What are some of the problems that can cause the e/systems to malfunction? email: h1983m@yahoo.com
What is a fair price to pay to replace the water pump on a V8 with A/C
Water pump, what is a fair price to pay for replacement. V8
1. Vortec 5.3 "Z" 2. Do I need to use gasket sealer when installing the new gasket? 3. Will the Check Engine light reset itself after we install the new gasket?
Could I get an estimate for replacing a seal in front transfer case. Thanks
every time im driving my wheels were shaking so what is the problem of the car
just went out today. were is fuses for lic. plt. lts located
When I push the 4wd button it will light up and it sounds as if it is trying to go into 4wd but never engages into 4wd. What could cause this?
What are is wrong when the vehicle moves forward when put in reverse. Also when started it tries to move like a manual when you try to crank it in gear. What are the causes for this. Does it need a rebuild and if s...
It sounds like something is grinding right before the engine starts and stops as soon as I move the key to original position. I was told it could be the starter. Does that sound right?