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rear axle is making a whining noise while driving what could is be?
the battery charges and then it doesn't, everything went out and then came back on it is the cluster in the dash or is it going to quit all together, the battery light comes on . i took it and put it on a machine, new...
After my Tahoe gets up to normal operating tempetures when I hit a bump, any size bump in the road, all of the gauges start to go crazy. I have checked and cleaned all conection on grounding straps and both cable com...
The wife said when 1st putting in the key you'd hear the dinging sound, but as soon as she'd turn to crank nothing would happen. Worried it the ignition. Thought maybe the starter but no clicking sound and not sure ...
This does not happen in reverse. on the inside it sounds like a bumping noise.
how do i locate and repair a ftp sensor on my vehicle and would this problem cause my vehicle to drink gas? this is causing my car to fail inspection with a code of p0453
my wipers only work on full speed and do not stop in the proper location?
I was told by an oil change shop that I really needed this, because it would fail in a week or two. I am very suspicous of there compenence.
The fuses keep blowing out. What could be the problem?
I was trying to fix my sunshade to my sunroof, that had came off the track, and I had fixed that, and when I had gotten it all put back together, I had noticed that all three housing units of my interior lights, my re...
How do I turn on my cd radio if the manuals instructions don't work? nothing comes up on the display.
just changed rotor and pads.put wheel back on and noticed i could move wheel back and forth a little. maybe axle bearing!
obdII code showing PO327 knock sensor low bank.I replaced both knock sensors.