when I try starting on morning I must hold the throttle halfway in order for the truck to start and keep it there until it warms up

Lights come on then go off after car is running. Then cannot switch to 4l nor 4h. Neither show 2wheel drive

Tried to charge freon but gauges said it was full.

It just started doing it

Still doesn't shift. I changed 1-2 and 3-2 shift solenoid

My Tahoe is slow in starting. It is making a clicking noise followed by a dragging noise as if it does not want to turn over. There is no indicator lights coming on. Battery is good, new starter, alternator is good, all lines tightened. New starter and ignition fuses/switches. Also my tow light comes on when i first start it. I have to turn off the vehicle and restart and the tow light usually goes off. when tow light is on, there is no turning it off when driving. My service engine light is not on.

I have all the gauges going crazy, starts doing when the car riches normal tempature. From time to time when it vibrates from a bad road startes doing it. I will apreciate if someone could tell me what to do to fix this issue.

if i put it straight in drive it will stay on, if i go through the gears it will go out and stay out

TC shifting is pretty routine most of the time. Now I want to dinghy tow the vehicle and it will not shift to neutral.