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Abs lite. Comes on after driving 5 mins ,parking brake lite comes on also. Everythg appears normal.
Recharged with can of A/C Pro, still only hot air!! Pump seems to be working due to compressor getting super cold!!!
The compass/temp display in my rearview mirror works intermittenly. If I grasp it and squeeze or slightly twist the rearview mirror, the display works. (Ideas on what is wrong are welcome.) I suspect a loose connect...
i was driving my 2001 Tahoe and needed to back up and without warning when i grabbed the shifter it just wiggled n slid from one position to the other never engaging any of the gears it drives perfectly but now that i...
If it's not a known problem, any thoughts on repairing the seat belts?
TaHoe drives down the street and then won't move
engine turns on and then cuts off. Abs airbag light go on. Engine has gas and indicators show it doesn't
TaHoe hardly reverses, when I go put it in drive, it just revs the engine and won't move