After I turn it off the parking light and back lights stay on. I have to use dome override to turn dash lights on or off. A week agoy dome lights quit working unless I turn them on manually

Getting power to resistor an to pigtail that goes to blower motor 13.3 when check with meter blower motor still won't come on relay is good what else can I check

My check engine light was on when I leased my Tahoe about a month ago. We had it out on computer one code came up for o2 sensor we replaced a week ago. The following Monday the check engine light came back on this time it's reading 6 codes all for o2 and knock sensors most say low circuit.. Then last Friday drove all around didn't act up till headed home with a/c on high and about 100 outside. Then it started sputtering, the TAC went down wouldn't go over 20 mph. Then stalled and battery died.. Need help

I got codes for knocker and o2 sensors

My fuel gauge says low fuel but it is half full. Sometimes the fuel pump comes on and sometimes it doesn't.

The fuel and temperature gauges don't work the low fuel ,battery,and security lights are on and the abs light is on. The gear selector light is not working. Help please. Tried replacing the cluster and didn't help

I recently had my 02 sensors replaced

I have used the power socket to charge my cellphone and
to power my amber flashing light. I have been doing this
for about a year. I checked the fuse, but it looks okay.
Any suggestions?

we put new pull and still vibrates till it broke and broke the new belt and broke the switch inside the compressor .we replaced that and that broke again so now what to do all Freon leaked out

Turning on key, dash was dead, no gauges. Attempt to start, nothing. Third attempt, dash came alive and engine started. Voltage/amp meter now reads halfway between 9 and 14 (in past was on 14). Since then car starts with brief "grinding" noise after immediately starting. Also on one occasion, after backing out of parking space, engine/dash/electrical went dead. After several attempts started, with brief noise, and all good. Had both Firestone and AutoZone check Alternator and Battery, both check good. Bad Starter???

I've got a 2001 Tahoe we bought used. The ABS and traction control light came on in unison. We took it to our garage that works on our vehicles and they put a computer on it. No error message came up, this was done twice. I removed the battery cables for five minutes and then put them back on. Fired up the Tahoe, the light went away and then came back on. What should I look at next?

Replaced encoder motor, transfer case shift control module, replaced dash switch, replaced front axle actuator, & the bcm cleaned grounds, checked fuses there all good what am I missing here ? any help will be appreciated .