5.3 Vortec anyway took along roadtrip about 4000 miles ran great got home let it idle in driveway and it quit and won't start now. It's been totally babied by previous owners and it's been through dirt, mud and everything else with us I'm thinking fuel filter what do you think. Someone said catallatyc converter.

also my dashboard light won't come on

i have a 2000 chevy tahoe,5.3 liter v8 4wd. when i am coming to a stop i hear a weird sound. very hard to explain but it sounds like a winding bang bang bang bang bang. i replaced the u joint and it didn't change the sound at all. only happens when slowing down. thanks

While charging battery rear fan runs while switch is off and weird noise in radio

I have a 2000 Tahoe LT 4x4 with a trailer package. My existing radiator is 34" wide and definitely has a transmission oil cooler but I am not sure about the Engine oil cooler. How can I tell? Need to order new radiator. Thanks

when u take the key outta the ignition and open the doors everything stays on? How can I fix this???

I've taken it to the dealership and they said it was my when bearings and inner tire rod. Got that replace and my car was still knocking when I make sharp left are right turns. Another mechanic drive my car and every 50-100 feet she will stop and change the 4w drive buttons and the problem will stop. Chevy dealership charged 920. For a wheel bearing and inner tire rod that wasn't there problem including other parts I've bought to see what the problem was. Please help.

i put it in reverse and it moved so i drove it home in reverse and then that stoped working to..but i can play with the four wheel drive and get it to go in reverse but as soon as i put it in drive or any other gear it kicks out and have to turn engine off and push in and out of four wheel drive and get it to go back in reverse

heater and defroster blow cold and changed thermostat and antifreeze levels are good?

Antifreeze level is good and changed thermostat.

already replaced front axle activator motor replaced 4wd switches still flashing and wont go into 4wd

After inspecting the system and tightening the gas cap I reset the alarm via OBDII scanner. After a few days without any variable changes the alarm returns. My thought is that if there is an actual fault, then the alarm would return as soon as the vehicle is placed back into service. Why the multiple day delay? Codes P0440 & P0440Pd Chevy Tahoe 2000