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check all fluids evey thing is good , runs grate just cant figure ot the dash lights
I looked under the drivers side dash ,but still can not locate it..
I accidently drove my 1999 Tahoe in 4wd on highway at around 65 mph pulling a car dolly and 1999 Mazda for over 50 miles. All drivetrain components (axle, differentials, transfer case, etc) started smoking. Now I have...
driver door. if I lock the door it unlocks on its own.the only way too stop the clicking is too pull the fuse
Changed heater core and control valve
would it be better to change the spider injectors at the same time? if so how much difference is that?
I did a bypass on it and the light stopped flashing and now just stays on. The engine starts and dies as before. I tried to undo the by pass and the light still stays on and the engine starts and dies. It doesn't flas...