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I have replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, and throttle positioning sensor. It will set and run fine but the min you drop it in reverse it dies instintly. Even you try to give it gas. And only in reverse?
I drive a 97 two door tahoe 4x4 and I just recently changed my heater core out along with my thermostat spark plugs a wires this has all been within the past two weeks. When I changed the heater core I also flushed th...
I changed my fuel lines after one rusted into and changed fuel filter now not getting any gas through lines and i can hear the fuel pump running i have took the line apart and tried releasing the valve up on the moto...
can hear the fuel pump come on and has good fuel at injectors good fire on plugs just goes over and over without cranking
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the valve has 4 ports. So is there a right direction other than 2 go into heater core and the other 2 go to the two hoses. The new valve has an arrow showing direction but what hose is connected. And does the valve (m...
something has chewed on the hoses center connection is missing hose.is it not to have a hose at all???
both front sensors disconnect. I have bled this thing to death. i plug these in one time and hit the pedal and something pushed it up and was hard . i have done all except abs components
gears grinding in 2wd from takeoff as if 4wd not disengaged fully.
I am trading my car for it and I wanting to know if it's worth it