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My 4 wheel drive starts grinding like it's trying to engage, when I engage the 4 wheel drive it stops grinding. I've replaced the vacum switch, and the vacum lines.
i have a v6 4.3 liter 2-wheel drive chevy S10 truck.i really dont want to have to replace the whole wheel hubs on both fronts if i can avoid it but it wouldnt be a bad idea. i need to replace the bearings and im told ...
While I am driving, going 70 mph, if I step on the gas, my rpm needle will chatter above 3000 rpm. If I increase the speed slowly, that doesn't happen. Only if I step on the gas harder.
I can't figure it out and need the truck to get to school
When i noticed it I changed plugs,wires,cap,button,and ignition coil and it still comes on after reseting the computer by unpluggin the batt for 30+ min Iam lost
When I turn the key it clicks once and all of the dash lights blank out but it wont roll over. It acts like the battery is dead but after continually trying it usually fires. I have tries wiggling battery wires and ...
My 2003 S10 is having passlock security problems. I have used the resistor trick and I have reset the security light but truck still doesn't run. After I soldered resistor into circuit truck actually cranked and ran...
was driving the windshield wiper motor quit working then when I got back in truck the fan for the air conditioning and heat had quit... happened at the same time... checked fuses and relays...don't have a clue
gave my truck a complete tune up and it is now misfiring on cylinders 3 and 5 .2 sets of wires and plugs and 2caps and 2 rotors .I have a year old (slow) antifreeze leak on the same side but it never fouled the p...
After replacing plugs,wires,cap,rotor,and coil still have the codes. I know that the y pipe has a hole in it and that the p0420 code has been on and off for awhile. is it the cat and y pipe that needs replaced
vehicle just cranks over but wont start, and I dont here fuel pump running.