Want to go to the junk yard and get the clutch disc, flex plate all three parts can't remember the last one but I want to know what other years can fit in a 2003 s10
P.s it's a standard 5 speed

hand brake wont release

power mirrors will not work, is there a fuse involved

Just replaced a bad distributor and still wont start...

Luega estarteo y prende y al rato vuelve a lo mismo

Runs fine but has a rough, irregular idle. Sometimes subtle, sometimes really annouying. Thanks

I was thinking it was the fule pump.

I have been at the garage 5 times and it still won't pass NYS Inspection. The engine light was on and their computer came up with - 4 Not Ready Monitors. They changed the O2 & Heated O2 censors and the reading went down to 2 NOT READY censors. They are Catalyst & EVAP Monitors. I was told to just drive it and they would clear. Over 500 miles later, it still won't clear. HOW DO I GET THEM TO CLEAR???

This started a month ago and I replaced the clutch, pressure plate, and clutch slave cylinder, also had the flywheel resurfaced. When we removed the original the clutch plate had a broken compression spring and pilot bushing was gone. After replacing these parts the transmission whines/roars and shakes the shifter really bad when accelerating. The gears shift smoothly as well which is misleading. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate.?

ok after replacing distributor, cap and rotor on my 4.3 liter s10 zr2, the truck ran great. suddenly one day after getting off the highway and stopped at a red light, the light turned green and i blew out a large cloud of white smoke. this only happened once bc i was city driving. on the way home again after getting off highway, same white cloud of smoke poured out of my exhaust. again it did not happen again. blown head gasket i imagined??? so i took the liberty of doing a complete coolant flush and put in blue devil head gasket sealer accordingly. i have not blown any white smoke since, however, i started throwing code p0302 cylinder 2 misfire and the check engine light FLASHES, replaced the spark plug and wire and again still throwing the same code. not to mention the truck runs horrible. best way to describe it is the rpms get extremely high and the truck does not accelerate like it should at those high numbers. also feels like transmission or cataylytic converter may be clogged(but it only runs awful after a few minutes of driving and mainly on highway). check engine light still flashes. a compression test was done and i have great compression on cylinder number 2. i am at a loss on what could be wrong. any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. thank you