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When I put the truck in drive it jerks and sometimes when it changes to a higher gear !
I took it to a transmission shop they think it is the transfer case how can i be sure before i spend money to replace something that may not fix the issue?
It stalls after about fifteen seconds after pouring gas in the carb.
dose not work. when i clear codes the gas gauge gose to full and back to e
had an o ring put on my distributor,truck would skip or surge at steady speeds,took it to another garage,he used a timing light,said timiing was off and set it right ,truck still doing the same thing,
Engine sounds like it has a exhaust leak when cold and white smoke comes out tail pipe then when it warms up it stops smokeing and quites down.
had an o ring put on distribtuor,timing was set right,now my truck,feels like its trying to skip when i try to hold it at a steady speed,can anyone help
My 95 chevy s 10 4.3 Z Started running really bad sometimes to the point it will shut off. The transmission stops shifting like it should when this is going on. I was told that the temp control sensor was bad. I repla...
is this normal??? will it work itself out or should I return to the transmission shop
Compression Check, #1 Cylinder 150 PSI. #2, #3 and #4 only have 100 PSI, #1 cylinder started blowing oil out when checking other cylinders. Installed a manual oil pressure gauge oil pressure at idle, 6 PSI, 28 PSI at ...
Engine runs fine when Idling,when you accelerate with warm engine is when the missing starts. Runs fine when engine is cold. replaced fuel pump, filter.
Cost to replace upper/lower ball joints
When I use the right turn signal with head lights off it is only half as bright as left. When the head lights are on and I use the right turn signal it cause the right tag light to flash, both reverse lights to flash ...
None of the warning lights come on when the key is turned to on. The gas gauge needle sometimes points straight down, the battery light flickers. The starter doesn't turn over and there is a ticking sound coming from ...