2002 Chevrolet S10 Questions

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Had a slow water leak but never went empty. Over heated then wouldn't start. Water in all 4 cylinder but no water in oil. Help???

I have changed the fuel solenoid vent valve and it still kicks the pump off. The truck is giving codes of P0446, P0453 and P0304. The Idle Air Control Valve has been replaced and I have also changed the fuel pump and sending unit as well as checked the little spring and flapper at the entrance to the fuel tank. Any ideas?

Everytime I drive sounds like something is scrapping the ground and when I look, nothing is hanging or scrapping. When I turn it's even louder and when I hit the slightest crack in the road you hear this loud jingling noise. I have no idea what this is. Any ideas? And how much it will cost to fix.

When turning on manual 4 wheel drive it does not work

It always stay mínimo at 2000 rpm

truck ran fine night before, went to leave for work next morning truck cranks over but will not start. The security light on the dash is flashing on and off.

It eventually goes back down to normal

Idles high for a little bit then drops down