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Cost to replace upper/lower ball joints
None of the warning lights come on when the key is turned to on. The gas gauge needle sometimes points straight down, the battery light flickers. The starter doesn't turn over and there is a ticking sound coming from ...
pressure only rises to about 110-120 and the guage only ranges fromm 100 as the lowest.
Have replaced spark plug and wires, new fuel filter, coils.
no gages, no lights. Any ideas to help. thanks
my heater fan and windshield wipers dont work all the time it's a hit and miss deal can you tell me what to look for thanks
The problem occurs within 20 minutes after clearing the code.
I understand that if not caught "soon enough", the CV joint lubrication could be washed off and/or leak away through a torn boot and grime can get into the joint, which have a combined effect of wearing out the CV joi...
Also a strange noise that seem to come from behind my radio has just started and is intermittent and inconsistent. Sounds like a fan hitting something but happens when nothing is on.