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After warms up replaced fuel filter pump is kicking on I did find a spark plug wire cut into just replaced one wire tho please if I can help me figure out my truck thank u please it threw one code an thst was a switch on top gas tank have a parts truck so got it changed no codes at all now but still doing it idk

Only cold air will come out in Winter, fully functional in Summer. The function control works fine.

I noticed the turn signal blinkers don't blink anymore, nor do they light up. Can I fix this myself or is it a electrical problem? I don't want to be cheated like in the pass.

I had a man drive it but he said it may be several things but not the transmission !! What does this sound like ? Thanks and God bless !!

Fluid is good..

i replaced the flex fuel sensor with a replicator about two years ago. it only runs when the weather is cool or cold, when the temp comes up on a warm day the truck just shuts off. it does start back after a few trys i had the fuel pump tested it passed. the fuel filter has been also changed. not to long ago i put another replicator on it . still the same problem.

previous; fellow that subjusted dropping oil on top bearing under rotor is correct. Did not know where to post this so did it here.

My door bushings and brackets are needing replaced.. My friend with the same truck goes to the dealer and they get replaced free at no charge. How would I go about doing this, my local dealer denies this possibility...

and loss of power. Rad. needs replaced yes but how bad would the rest of the engine be ? would it run ?

Sounds like a bird chirping at start up after engine warms up the noise goes away. Does something need a little lubrication? Truck runs fine at idle and 60 MPH. Have changed belt idler and tensioner, chirp remains touching the cap can feel the chirp vibration and feel it stop.