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When I use the right turn signal with head lights off it is only half as bright as left. When the head lights are on and I use the right turn signal it cause the right tag light to flash, both reverse lights to flash ...
it started about 3 months ago and about a month ago it stopped working all together.
I would like to know where is my coolant temperature where is located in my truck
where is the part goes the code is p0118
Battery Lite is inttermitent. Diag Code P1637 Generator L Term Ckt
leaks when I start the engine
I put synthetic oil, and that was the beinning with the problems
Drop new motor in because the guy he paid to rebuild it ended up not having a clue what he was doing and took the heads apart left everything in the rain and weather for several months and broke almost everything taki...
When I crank engine...I noticed if the running lights turn off truck won't start...if they stay on it will fire up and stay running.....but only after I heat the cab up....I'm stumped!!!
charging 14volts shows volts between pos cable and battery lost
When I use my AC or heat, my anti freeze pours out from under right front wheel cover and my engine runs a little hot. I am having to add coolant constantly. When I lift the hood I can't see where it's leaking from. I...