No 3rd gear shift

My parking brake will not ratchet down and lock brakes

changed coil and plugs and wires. # 4 plugs has spark but still have the miss fire

Airbox is connected to the valve cover by a breather hose

It doesn't seem to have one like other cars with a circle type look for your finger?

Truck won't start won't even try to turn over I hear a clicking in the fuse box but fuses are fine any ideas???

Got all for work gear do not have reversed

My truck only goes 60 miles an hour cut off all the niddles kept going back an fouth

falls on face when I try to accelerate

with the key on engine off.where do I go from here

with the key on engine off

when the issue first occurred, tapping the brake pedal would make them go off, and replacing the brake light switch did the trick, but now they won't go off at all without pulling the fuse. Only the two rear brake lights stay on. the third light over the rear window does not stay on.