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yesterday the my igntion switch locked up and I cannot turn the key, so I cannot start the truck. We have tried to get it loose, but no luck. What can I expect the cost of replacement to be?
Dash brake light is on. all light bulbs are working, emergency brake pedal has no effect. Master cylinder has NO low fluid level switch on it. fluid is full anyways.. Brake pedal seems a little low but vehicle stops f...
There is no hot air on to heat the vehicle. it just blows cold when switched over to heat or defrost.
Truck had been driving fine. then just died in the middle of the road. It tries to start, but won't turn over. No oil leaks or loss, no water problems either. HELP!
After finally getting my truck to pass inspection, I was driving it home. Approx 6 miles from garage, tried to downshift and the clutch went to the floor and could not get it into any gear. The cap of the master c...
estimated price on replacing timing chain
i need a diagram of timing mark for 1999 chevrolet 4 cylinder
for the past few weeks, sometimes the truck will not start. Had it towed and off the truck it started. Ran all weekend, came home took shower and truck would not start. Sounds like it wants to but will not turn ove...
car died along road. could not restart.
The ABS light came on about a month ago,but goes off at times. I still had breaks untill a couple of days ago when i lightly applied them to turn into my drive. the peddle jarred under my foot and it felt and sounded ...
I replaced the fuel pump and now there is no power to the fuel pump, checked fuses and relays there ok.
I have a 1999 Chevrolet S-10 pickup. Could you please tell me where the body control module is located. Thank you.
Truck won't start when in hot weather. Also when running its shots Off even at at 65 mph
Would an alternator just die with out first showing signs of failure such as dimming lights,slow wipers and start up problems? I was driving out of town 25 miles when battery light came on and voltage showed appx 11 ...
how to replace light bulbs in radio preset buttons