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When driving step on the brake to stop and the high beam light comes on and the engine dies. The engine won't crank after occasionally the starter clicks and sounds like its searching for ground. Its grounded well can...
I did a compression test wet and dry with not much of a difference both at around 5 to 10 psi. I took the head off and the head gasket looks like it was just put on. The bolts inside the head were tight but the bolts ...
I have no heat at all. used to work until I had a coolent flush a few months back
passenger air bag has been turned off for years - if I turn it on now, the light goes off on the instrument panel. If the problem is with the passenger seat where do I find problem?
fuse is okay recently the passenger seat was moved forward and back very fast and hard - could this have cut a wire-connector?
De vez en cuando se enciende la luz de SECURITY en el tablero de mi pick up S-10,Por que sucede?
How many bolts and do I have to unplug anything?
I see an auxiliary selection, but don't see the input jack.
What is the shock absorber running horizontal from the top of the rear axle housing forward to the frame on the passenger side of the 1999 S10 2wd. Mine looks like it should be replaced, but i don't know what it is c...
I have replaced my slave cylinder and bled the system. If I have someone depress the clutch, should i be able to see clutch move. and if yes why am I not seeing it move.
Runs strong in town and sitting idiol but when u get to highway speed it runs a little rough and throws a random misfire code and hills on the highway it does it more and looses a little speed. In town it is really st...
is there any pic i could look at to se what im doing?
does a 1999 s-10 blazer have a drain plug on transmission and will it damage anything in the transmission to change the filter and add new fluids?
It creaks when I turn & back out. It knocks when going 30-45mph - and now I can feel the knock with my foot. It doesn't do this over bumps or at higher speeds. I'm worried - it feels like the wheel is going cave in un...