I have ordered the parts from GM

The lower dash panels are removed

I was told where it was but not how to reset it

the check engine lights comes on for a crankshaft sensor but ive already replaced it 3 times now with new ones in the past week and the same problem occurs. im driving for about 10 minutes and the engine shuts off on me. i cant figure out what to do

truck has run strong just this issue

Truck tries to go into 4WD while moving.

The shop said both sensors for the brakes work so it must be electrical. I took my truck to a dealer and they said it was an all around sensor, which the first shop said worked. They want $620. for the part. Does that sound right? Sounds way too expensive to me.

please explain or send a pic..thanks

When I start my truck an its idling in park I can hear it only, once I drive it the sound goes away ?

Every thing seem to work except the heat control.