I fixed the starter wire and When i started it back up it was making a knocking noise. The trucks oil pressure when running is at 60. I hooked an actron OBD II pocketscan and these ate the codes it gave me...P0102, P1351,P1860, P1864, P1886.

In the gas.

With the truck not movies

this problem, and how much will it cost?

Put a new motor and found out the pan was cracked

Have replaced cap &rotter, main computer, fuel line,

Fire is going to the core fire going to distributor but it's not coming through the spark plugs.

I've checked my fuses.I should also say my heater an stereo won't work also

Changed out the engine on my 96 s10. After I got it installed I tried to start it up and found that my entire electrical system was dead. No nothing at all. Checked all fuses with nothing found. I put two extra grounds from block to frame, with nothing. Please someone, I need help. Thanks

new parts on top the motor new crank shaft sensor throttle body it will start but wont stay running ? code said crank shaft sensor . still the same ...??

I was told my 96 s10 had a bad right front wheel speed sensor. I replaced it along with the pads. how do I get rid of the abs light now

I am having major issues. My truck overheated due to a cracked radiator. Since that time I have replaced the radiator, water pump, heater hose, and thermostat. I am again losing fluid and overheating yet see no on leaks. HELP! I AM AT WITS END! I have sunk over $300 into this issue. What now? 1996 Chevy s10