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I just had a new o2 sensor installed but no change.So I did a scan with a paper clip. Getting like 7 codes 13,21,23,44,65.66.67 still runs pretty good but milage sucks
my truck is having idle issues sound like it wants to die seating at stop lights. then on take off it sputters with random backfiring. But after getting up to 45+ mph runs good. just at low rpms i'm having this problem.
for 2 months now the engine would be running fine but I would notice the accelerator needle jumping to 20 or 30 as I was driving and the battery and seatbelt lights would come on then shut off. Yesterday I noticed th...
it has good torque in rev a Lil sluggish in 1st changes to 2nd no 3rd or 4th and it has no smell of burnt fluid
I'm the oil pressure runs fine until it gets up to temperature then it drops a little and the ticking is faint but it gets louder as you go up in rpm
stead of running compressor. i noticed compressor slightly overfilled when i charged it. can this cause the shaft not to turn. compressor is not locked up.
have spring pressure now. i guess rewind spring....How. Thanks
switch, nothing. skunked.......... everything good, clutch just will not engage unless jumped at clutch terminal.. thanks..harrison.
I have changed the fuel pump, pump relay, fuel filter, oil pressure switch. It's the 2.2. Please help! It is showing code 54 which is low voltage at fuel pump.
when you rev the motor in neutral engine runs good idles good but in 2 and 3rd gear climbing a hill engine sputters and misses 1st gear it does fine climbing a hill