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had an o ring put on my distributor,truck would skip or surge at steady speeds,took it to another garage,he used a timing light,said timiing was off and set it right ,truck still doing the same thing,
had an o ring put on distribtuor,timing was set right,now my truck,feels like its trying to skip when i try to hold it at a steady speed,can anyone help
Gas gauge stays on full with key on. When you turn the key off it goes down to 3/4 full. What do I look for to correct the problem
I replaced resistor,and relay. All fuses under dash are good. No power via test light to switch in dash. Blower works ran directly to battery.
The coolant goes into the recovery system tank. When it cools, the coolant goes back into the system. I have changed the water pump, thermostat, pressure cap and the radiator is only 2 years old. I have also change...
I recently bought this truck (PP) and it runs well but after about two weeks I noticed that the fuel gauge and thermometer and Odometer weren't working correctly and although I know what to do about the fuel gauge and...
The trans slips when in drive when the head lights are on. It does not slip in 1st, 2nd, or when the lights are off. I have changed the fluid and filter, but it has not helped.
I checked the fuses & there good.I bought the truck with this issue. When I do turn on the switch I can hear pressure released, but the fan or blower doesn't start. My S10 Tahoe 4x4 reads 176,000 miles