1993 Chevrolet S10 Questions

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It won't fire , get gas n the oil pan, just wondering why and what I need to do it a 93 gmc somona 4.3, even time I try to start it!

I changed spark plugs map sensor fuel filter changing ignition coil today any suggestions will help

It's hard to put into gear and grinds when you put it in reverse

how do you replace ac selector switch or disassemble

When I try to drive my truck it stalks when u give it any gas in 1 st gear .unless I keep my foot on gas pedal at all times when I'm at a stopped position at a light or pulling onto the road. Unless I pump the gas pedal fast or floor it when I start to go it will stall. Very sluggish in 5 the gear as well

So I'm thinking its the coolant temperature switch could I get a conformation on that

Change all spark plugs, plug wires, distributor, bug, vaccum hoses, egr, pcv firing order is correct. When it starts it idles high the falls a little lower then it should then has miss in low rpm 1000 or less it clears up at higher rpm no loss of power don't know how to read codes but the check engine light does not come on

It's a five speed 2.8 v-6 clutch pedal feels good. Fluid is good but the clutch is always engaed. So is the clutch out or teeth missing ??

When I put it in drive it'll start backfiring through the throttle body if you give it a lot of acceleration but if you kind of ease into it it won't do it but you also got to get the RPM's up for not to do it .. but once the RPMs' are up you can give it full throttle with no problem

Replaced compressor as it was bad, replaced dryer, flushed system and replaced orface tube, installed R 134 convirishion kit and added oil and Freon. Ac clutch wont come on. I have 12 volts through both preassure switches but no power to the clutch. I can jump the clutch with a power probe and the clutch comes on, the system works as long as I have the power probe on and the preasures are goodAnd it cools down to 39 deg. What am I missing here? Thanks for any help I can get.

the truck is an automatic. also at times dash lights are on sometimes and sometimes goes out when driving?