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foot petal sticking

I replaced my dizzy correctly (i believe). Now it stalls and clunks when revving in 2nd once engine/oil is warm. Shifts so smooth it makes me believe the timing is correct. Smoke is whitish.

My gauges quit working as I was driving. Shut off and turned engine back on but notice that the idiot lights didn't come on either. Checked alternator with volt meter had no out put. I need help where else to start trouble shooting

Bf says the Rocker or Lifters are making noise. What does that mean and how do we fix it??

so before my truck shifts gears the oil pressure gauge will max out then once it shifts it goes back to normal i have an automatic and i cannot figure out why it is doing this when its just idling the pressure is around 40 and after it shifts its at 40 this is normal for my truck but now before it changes gears the oil pressure gauge jumps up as high as it can which is 80.

Replaced distributer an rotor an fuel pump an still doing it

After 30 mins or longer it will start, normally runs the battery down and have to get a jump. Replaced the starter twice, new fuel filter, new plugs and wires, rotor button and cap. Still does the same thing when it rains or there is moisture in the air.

Why does it to turn it off on me after running for a couple of miles then it stops wait a minute and then I'll turn on again

I had to change a pushrod while trying to set lifter only four pushrods were oiling should they all be oiling what do I do

and it ran fine even after heating up,but now it is doing what it did before.plug wires are fine. I just can't figure it out ,trying to go up hills is the worst.It is like riding a bucking horse.Please Help !!!!!!

I need to know why it won't start now