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is this normal??? will it work itself out or should I return to the transmission shop
Called around no one seems to have them. What can i do or use?
1991 chevorlette s10 new fuel pump and relay but no power to fuel pump
I have the 91 s10 2.8tbi 5spd 2wd and after I start it it will idle fine but randomly go to a low rough idle after a while until I rev it high again. Also, when starting I need to rev the gas high to get it to idle or...
I have 14 inch rims. Can I put 15 on it? Also I have a steep long gravel driveway. It really has a hard time getting up. Spins out and slips.
car is sputtering frequently, carburetor is loading up and choking like it is not getting fuel or getting too much fuel, fuel pump is working and fuel filters have been changed
1 sensor on top front of engine near thermostat. The other on left lower side of engine near manifold.
2WD,5 speed,trans input shaft bearing R&R,do I have to shim it for pre load?
Starts and idles ok. When I hit the gas, it has always had a little bit of a hesitation, but now the engine sometimes stalls when gas is applied. Will not start for about a half hour, then will start up again. Problem...
the lap belt no longer retracts and locks
2 wheel drive, I have rivets on left side cut off with floor jack under control arm. nut on upper ball joint is loose, need to make sure if brake caliper and rotor need to be removed.
I replaced the coil. it stars unmounted but not mounted to. The block