2000 Chevrolet Metro Questions

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First noticed when I turned car off. Can't tell were it's coming from.

I know where the oil dip stick is but what is the red dip stick

I own a 2000 Chevy Metro and the automatic transmission that slowly lost power over the period of 4 months. I would like to know any solutions that I should try in regards to transmission fluid, the solenoid, or any other fixes that would help solve the problem before I consider having to repair the transmission itself.

Why is this happening? What's can be done?

Overheat leaked all oil starts it tugs but no force from engine when I step on gas when I turn it on its ok Istep on gas Iit tugs a little but wont move

it acts like it's locked all the time.

the headlights still come on but the blinkers have stopped working.

My boyfriends friend got mad one day and slamed oir trunk that had a sticky latch, and it wouldn't click. He slamed it so hard at one point that he snapped the latch off. We can't get in thru the trunk but the back seat. Its kinda hard when you have a bunch of baby stuff and you can't pile anything on too of ea ch other so the car is rather cramed

I was told I my starter is going out even though it's new

looks like a bearing race on my torque converter keeps dumping trans fluid on ground.. ive pulled motor 3 times do to this what do i do now?

We had the battery checked and it is good, even bought a new battery and tried that. While the engine was running, we have removed both battery cables and the engine continues to run. If we turn off the engine, it will not crank unless jump-started again. What else can I check?