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I would have to wiggle it and turn the key back and forward numerous of times before a click sound is heard and the key would come out.
I just put a new battery in but now when I drive the car stops and say engine power reduce
The bulbs work but the blinker doesn't blink to signal that I am going to make a left turn. What could the problem be?
Is not the oil. I checked and is ok. I recently change the oil. Let me add that the alarm has its issues. Works when wants to. Before the incident my mother locked the car and yesterday did not worked. I believe...
Driving down the road, my vehicle began to shake and make a noise like something was sticking. The shaking comes and goes, but always comes back relatively quick. Then the brakes began to smoke.
wind caught door and slammed shut with a blanket over the lock and will not open now.
took back to shop cannot get the check engine light to go off
it will not go forward
I replaced the battery to my key fob(keyless remote) and it still doesn't work so the dealer told me i need a bcp modular what should it cost to replace?
I had a 05 maxx love it ..... but without warning she ran out of oil one nite I quickly pulled over got help. she now ticks and every Cpl mths I need to fill up on oil there are no signs of oil leaks ither. aswell a...
Cold or warm start this happens randomly. Turn the key over and it will either start partially then die immediately, sometimes it won't start at all unless I has the hell out of it.And then there's times it sounds lik...
It kind of sounds like the CD player but it hasn't worked since I bought the car. It drains my battery. What can it be? I also get a RES reading on the info display. Both happen randomly and it doesn't seem that they ...