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My car rides fine but in a hot day it starts to hesitates like it wants to turn off is this the fuel pump or the injectors

First time this has occurred.

Once I put air in tire light goes out. Had car serviced, mechanics say tired r good condition

this alarm is a constant.Does this have to do with my engine?

The raditor that's bolts down to car frame . Can't fugue out how to put them back on . Plus I think my raditor is not up high enough

Bleeding air out

Putting radiator back in car n can't get the lines to stay un

The car blows out blue smoke from tailpipe when AC is turned on

Traction control and ESC light is coming on. I used reset (info button) and it goes away and comes back later.

For about a month

My 2011 Malibu has low profile tires and one needs to be changed it has the air traction control is there a special way it needs to be changed does a mechanic need to do it?

The question is related to a problem with a 2005 Malibu which we own since it was new. More than once, we have noticed that the -a sensor light reading- Engine repair now, would flash. We would repair it by replacing the gas cap. I need to find someone to verify this for me.

Gas tank cover. After a while you get a fix engine problem. Fix is get new gas cap. How many people have had this problem??
Is there still a valid recall.

Air bag light stays on. Repairs estimated at 1200 + dollars. Is it safe? Will it function
on impact? Will faulty sensor in seat cause it to not inflate on impact? Is there a
by pass?

Some times when I shut my car off, the headlights and my stereo won't shut off.
So i have too disconnect the battery cable to get them to shut off. It doesn't happen all the time but enough. The problem started after I pressure washed under my hood, though I made sure tee car was running when I did that. I don't have a clue about electrical systems.

Rear springs broke and struts are shot. Trying to find out if the knuckle can just be switched from 3.25 inch strut mount to the smaller 2 3/8.

When I'm driving it strains to get speed and jerk hard with a hard thump sound

Because it's not on at night driving.

radio works lights work , will not turn over

The knocking noise continues while I am driving and while the car is idling it is very loud. Would it be transmission related or a thrown rod in the engine?

I brought my car in after the check engine light came on. I've replaced the s belt, the battery, and the alternator. Also an oem recommend top end cleaner and cleaning procedure was done to remove carbon build up. I was told my car is misfiring on cylinder 3 (code p0303 detected. One mechanic told me the valve needed to be replaced which would cost more then the cars worth and another saying it's the coil pack. What are the differences between the two and what issues would be present for each

The connection to sensor. My cooling fans run all the time and my temp gauge doesn't work. Ideas??

,but I turn on the ac and it trips the fuse,and then no gauges and no ac.can someone help me please.

Dies when coming to stop in auto manuel.doesn't die as often but it been gearing itself up and down while.driving and sounds horrible.when it.changes gears

It makes a lot of noise when you first try to crank it and the engine light will not go off. 2010 Chevrolet Malibu 170,000.

It looks like some lether melted a little bit. Can I get a marker or paint to fix it?HELP

I really don't know what to say except it happened tow days ago.

Rpm range too high

From2nd to 3rd

Is the in and out exhaust hook ups 21/2 inches