My driver seat frame is broke

I have a 2012 Malibu worked just fine, hit a stump damaging the radiator and condenser. I had replaced the two but now It won't start. It cranks but doesn't start.

I was driving home last night. My 2012 chev. Malibu had a total lost of power. My speed guage has not been registering properly either here lately. Now my malibu just won't start at all.

Only dr a couple wks & breaks again its the studs got done @ different places but still happen

I have a hole in my oil pan that leaks really bad I know the motor has to come out to change the pan, I'm just not sure how to take it out.

First time it was cracked nearly all the way around. I had it replaced and 4 months later its cracked again.

the temperature gag goes down and get back normal many times while driving ?

any one has this issue ?
thank you

my car won't start rite up when I notice the engine light is showing maybe two or three times a week.... the engine light comes and goes off... so when the light is on is when the car has a hard time turning over...I also notice when I used my key the has a hard time starting up....but if I use my automat starter the car starts rite up with no problem , I then unlock the doors in put the key in the igintion