2011 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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I really don't know what to say except it happened tow days ago.

ESC Traction control message comes on intermittently car jerks slightly but then it goes away, i have replaced the MAF sensor twice and that took care of the CEL - the service trac /ESC light comes on everytime a sensor throws a CEL - it almost seems like a switch or connector keeps coming loose as it goes on then is fine...must be electronic ? Drives great cept for that PLEASE HELP

Check engine light on,ECM code, cars jerk as you take off an gears change

My Malibu has 153,000 miles and I'm afraid I may have to replace the steering column, as the electric power steering is failing. Is there a recall from Chevy that covers this issue?

I have a 2011 Malibu that starts fine. Dies 2 or 3 seconds later. There is no anti-theft light on. Fuel Pump pressure holding at 60 PSI. Car runs if I spray starting fluid.

Any suggestions?

My rear outside brakelights and rear turn signals have quit working. The middle brakelight works,as well as the rear tail lights and back up lights. Front head lamps,front turn signals,brights,and interior lights work fine. I have checked the bulbs. Is it an expensive fix?

Car shut of driving down road replaced start got it started back rod was knocking irk on engine they would not warranty it what can I do

I've had the car since 10/2015 so this is the first summer I've had it and we havebeen in a bit of a heat wave to the A/C has been used a lot. Is this a normal part of the cooling system. The fan will stop after about a minute.

I tried cutting it back on and it won't do nothing.. the heat won't come on or nothing

My car all of a sudden turned off and it won't start. We turn the key and it wants to start but it doesn't. We think it may be the gas pump but we're not sure what the pressure should be.

Battery good I think it's the fuel pump but no sure if it's the fuel relay how can I tell which one it is ?

My car was running fine, then suddenly it started shuddering when I stopped, not when in park but idling in gear. No warning lights were on but I decided not to drive it anyway. Then, I had to take it in for an estimate on the bodywork. I got home to check the mail and it just decided to stop moving! The engine would rev and RPM's went up, and got stuck at 2500. I put it in park, then back in drive and tried to move but couldn't. Turned my car off for a few minutes, got it to move forward as far as my driveway before it decided it wasn't going to move again. I have 120k on my car, but I am the only owner amd I don't drive it crazily...hopefully its not a transmission replacement?? I still pay $550 a month and I have another 3 years to pay! :-(