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what could cause this problem. What should I look for.

The power steering light comes on at different times when driving, making it difficult to turn. Goes off when I turn car off & restart, but comes back after a few minutes.

This problem happes every 2 months the first time had to pay 1325 now this is the 4th time

Is the speed sensor inside the tranny?

Lately, the engine temperature gauge has not been working properly. The fans are constantly on and the check engine light is on. I went to have it tested at Advanced Auto Parts and I personally switched out the engine temperature sensor. It was working after that but no more than a day later the gauge wasn't reading the engine temperature, again. The fans are back on. What else can it be?

I change the fuse and regulator. Still not defogging.

My car makes like a rattle noise at the front wheels when going 60 and up miles. What are the possible problems with the vehicle?

My daughter were driving the car and making a right turn when she lost the streering it went into a shaking mode

Check engine light has been on but ran fine. Would have issues with break lights being on without brake being used, esc would come on and traction control. Cannot get car started for more than 2 seconds. Had fuel pump tested and it's completely fine. Not sure what else it could be.

Also my rpm guage just started bouncing. What could be the cause of this?

The problem tends to act up in spurts. It starts with no difficulty for awhile then for no reason it acts up. The engine does not crank at all. Playing with the gear shift, keys, etc. sometimes will get it going. There have been times when nothing has worked. The dealer refuses to fix it citing it could be almost anything causing the issue. What is the most likely problem?

My car stops running while driving - i get no check engine light - no code no bells. If i try to restart it fires but doesn't catch. I can get it going if I switch the ecm BATT fuse (#16) with the ecm IGN fuse (#13) neither show as being blown. This fix lasts for a trip or 2 and then it dies again ( it just stalls while driving )- switch the fuses it goes. First time it happened I was at a stop sign; second time I drive 30km to work and was 2/3 way back home when it died so car is warm.