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My car says service ESC, ESC off and Power Steering. Was wondering what you think might be wrong and what it will cost to repair?
I am getting misfire code on cylinder 2. I have changed plugs and am still getting code. Need to know location of #2 cylinder to be sure I replace correct coil pack
This seems to happen the first time the car is started the first time after a long period of being off. Consistently it takes about 15 minutes for the lights to turn on to show the speed, fuel, and other dashboard de...
Makes noise when idling or low rpm under 2000 while driving and the light go dim when it is idling
My engine temp is on C most of the time. Even when letting it warm up. I noticed today that when I started my car the engine coolant fans were running and my check engine light was on. Which isn't right I live in ala...
when I take off to drive, it ideals really high & takes a lil bit to actually take off then when it finely does it'll do the same to shift to the next gear.
Battery is ok but I did notice a car with a lock on it on the dash board what could it be and no service engine light came on
parked car one evening all was working good then next day the check eng. light stays on, and the gas gauge dosn't work. what is wrong with it?
I mean the needle that point on my speed,rpm, temp and gas. Note I did turn the know to bright it. everything come bringht but not the needles( gages) they stay dime
ago.when i test drove ,it is puling left.Is this a reccuring problem that i should be worried about.