Bumped into something and lost paint. Repainting job is okay, but not great.

Do you really have to remove the entire front bumper?

I have had the tire removed and checked and there seems to be no apparent leak. I have to refill it every few weeks.

The low tire pressure light comes on for the RH front wheel regardless of which wheel I ex

When I'm back up my car shankes. And when I'm driving my car feels like it wants to change gears. And when I put my car in it rolls to a stop like im on a hill.

And something about the skid control...it will crank..run smooth for about 2 min...to to cutting out then dies...what do I need to do to fix it...I've had it for 3 years...never had a problem till now...but did put smaller tires on it...could this cause the problem

cannot push stick to "park" & cannot take out key.

Also had recalls done in jan

3.5 v-6 engine, when driving car the esc and tsc lights flash, loses power and stalls out. Happens in all types of weather. Took into chev garage and they can't figure it out, tired of paying and not being fixed, can anyone help. Thank you !!