2006 Chevrolet Malibu Questions

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No noise when turning. What could this be?

I have already replaced the gas cap to no avail

If the alignment was properly done would it pull like that? Or can there be something else that can cause that problem?

Why dont it work any more but the light indicator on the steering wheel shows that its on. Could it stop working due to my trans jerking when I put it in gear sometimes and also when driving. it jerk harder when i put it in gear sometimes in reverse sometimes in drive but lately its only been doing it when I come to a complete stop then as I turn it will jerk while shifting to the next gear diagnostic code(PO753) could this be my shift solenoid if so how much would that cost to replaced.

What could this similar noise be

Last night my power steering stop working and it was difficult for me to drive home. This morning I started my car to see if it would steer and it was as though I had no problem at all. Could it be I just need fluid, or is it warning me the pump is going bad?

I was told that my front outer tie rods needed replacing. However, I don't think that could cause my power steering to go out. It was driving fine when I drove to the store. Once I cranked it up, the info center read... power steering. When I put it in drive I noticed it was very difficult to steer.

in traffic it come back on.I did replace catalytic converter& both 02 sensor.does same thing.will not pass emissions test.can you advise me what 2 try now?

I can change fuse,and turn key to on and it will not blow, however, as soon as I actually crank car the fuse will blow

or power steering?thanks you.