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in traffic it come back on.I did replace catalytic converter& both 02 sensor.does same thing.will not pass emissions test.can you advise me what 2 try now?
I can change fuse,and turn key to on and it will not blow, however, as soon as I actually crank car the fuse will blow
A/c work's fine but heater not blowing hot air.thinking it could be actuator door, but not sure.any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
Broke in half
I was told it's not the battery, since, the moment you touch the second cable to the battery when jumping it the alarm starts blaring and it'll start immediately at that point, my question is obviously why? At about t...
128,000 miles. Problem started a couple days ago. It just got out of the job for leaking coolant. The water pump was replaced. Currently not driveable.
I started my car and it ran for a second and died. Acted like was not getting gas. IT FINALLY STARTED AND BACKFIRED REALLY LOUD AND NOW MY BROTHER IN LAW SAYS IT IS A NO TOLERANCE ENGINE AND NEEDS AT LEAST A TIMING ...
I bought it for my little brother and it wouldn't start. Told my a mechanic it was the motor. Installed a new one and still the same thing. The car is still at the mechanic and he is stumped. Any ideas on how to get t...
sorry previous question is mine my temp gauge and air conditioner both stopped working at exact same time is it a fuse and if so which one?
engine light is on and code said it was the oxygen sensor. my car is starting to have less power when accelerating and shifts hard.