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it doesn't want to take gas,u have to keep pumping,it takes forever to put gas in,now it doesn't start.i think the fuel pump might be bad.r their other things i can check before taking to garage
I went to start my car.Put key in and turn it heard a loud pop. Car will not start with jumping.
The horn is working properly in the car but when using the door lock or remote lock it should give you an alerting sound from the horn. This altert sound is no longer there when you lock it from the door or remote. I...
I have a 2003 malibu had it since new,--- when running ac the inside air keeps swithching baaack to outside air and the compresser keeps shuttting of and back on sometime I can change speeds it will come back on also...
Is is normal to replace the motor when replacing a blown head gasket. The dealer is trying to charge me $3800.00 for a used motor and $3000.00 for the labor. This doesn't include the parts I have to buy. Who would pay...
When you get a head gasket repaired, do you usually need to replace the motor in the car as well.
went into store and when came out it wouldn't start. When you first try it acts like its going to start but won't
when applying the brakes the peddle will go to the floor every now and then lose braking power and then seem to be alright.
the air conditioner will not stay on recycle. it switches to air from outside and does not cool as well. we have to continually push the switch to recycle until it sticks. then it only stays that way for a couple o...
Need labor hours to R&R a drivers side fender + Paint time for same
About how long does it usually take to replace head gaskets
in my friends car the check engine light is on. along with that i checked the oil and coolant. both of them were very low. i recently blew a head gasket in my car. the check engine light was on and i had low oil and c...
How much could this cost to have this code fixed PO442
AC has level 1 for the fan and 2-5 for AC. Cooling system does not turn on until I turn the knob to Level 4. Problem just started.
AC has 5 power levels - 1-is fan and 2-5 is speed for AC. Problem is Fan nor AC does not turn on unless I turn the know to Level 4.