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ive changed the radiator thermostat water pump and the temperature sensor
The car runs fine and the windows,radio, fuel temp gauges,and heater just stop working
I had just shut the drivers side door, walked around to the passenger side and right before I could open the door, I heard my car lock. All doors locked at this point. The keys were in the ignition.
Ever since I bought this used, the ignition key switch has always been a bit sloppy, which, given the age of the vehjicle is to be expected. But now, the key won't turn all the way off, leaving the electrical system p...
If this stays on could it effect battery to not start. My car wouldn't start so I jumped it and it was fine...but then after it sat for a period of time I had to jump it again. Barry is brand new.
I noticed heavy oil in coolant res. when I purchased for 30$. Vehicle runs fine...I added Bars stop leak hoping it will help buy some time till I can get gasket done...While idling for an hour I noticed it never got ...
No lights no nothing. Battery charger says it is at 100%
Just got this malibu and the dash lights such as the headlight indacator, ABS, oil, open door indacator and the gear shift lights do not work...signal lights radio, all work. But i do not know wat fuse to check.
there is slop on the retaining ring that is located on the output shaft
What to do first? Had trouble starting car first. Then light came on.