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be wrong? Already replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter and 02 sensor.

front wheel issue.

What can it be

While i'm driving my turn signals will work for awhile, but they randomly stop working at random times. They'll start working again eventually. The only way they'll start working again right away is by turning the hazards on then off. Any ideas why? Thanks.

You switch on and then wait for the gauges to work before it starts. Sometimes wiggling the connector at back of switch worked but not anymore

The trunk won't open. I believe it is jammed. the key just turns, the electronic trunk button just clicks. The back seat is suppose to fold down but cannot pull the cord located in the truck. How can I get the back seat fold down from the back seat? The bottom comes out but how can I get the upper part to fold down or come apart?

I got pulled over by a cop with him stating that part of my brake light was out on the drivers side and when you look at the back of the car the red part of the trunk light reflector sometimes doesn't look as bright as the passenger side but there are no bulbs to replace it like the officer said to do. When i went to Auto Zone they said that it was a reflector and it did not need to be replaced. What does the reflector for? Should I take it out and clean it and then maybe it will be brighter? I have no idea what to do but do not want to get pulled over constantly by police.