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2002 malibu with 128k miles. mechanic says it is not the intake manifold leak problem this car is known for.
Already replaced more parts than I can count. Help?
My car hesitates when pressing gas, car starts n shuts down at stop signs, also wheel n brake becomes stiff as in hard to turn n brake depress hard as well
air conditioning, fuel gauge, radio cruise control, temp gauge wont work what do i do
the car keeps trying to turn on without the key in the switch so I have to unplug out the plugs I want to know why it is doing that
it act like it was gone to start but didn't. replace fuel pump relay switch and nothing happen try to reset theft system by letting key on for 20 min and still nothing know what to doneed help
I guess a specific problem will be deleted by disconnecting for a certain duration, then connecting again. I've heard about for reinitialising data for the bad use of "At a distance starting key system"
After a while good working... these failed : no more flashing neither left or right; hazards go on good working. The right arm for cleaning window just operate on two highest speed, none action when pushing for liqui...
come on it dont start but radio and everything does come on .. once the gas gauge works and stuff it will start any ideas ?
when the blower works it dont work all the time either what is the easiest way to check whats wrong with it
Car was purchased new back in '02, no real issues until last year when this started to happen, has 67,310 original miles on it. Car hesitates, no acceleration past 35 mph, problem is getting worse. Actron super AutoSc...
I can add water over night and it will still be full in the morning. But I can only drive about a mile to a mile in a half before the water evaporates. Water has to be added after a mile of driving the water reserve ...
I'm DYI-ing a coolant flush, just need some help per this specific car, I get how to do it, just need help looking for the right things, ie the lower drain.
trouble p0111 iat replaced Iat airfilter replaced tran,shift hard