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the theft loc is not engaged from what I can tell, it's not asking for a code, the stations tune and display, clock functions and it appears the head unit works as it should in all aspects but I can not get any sound ...
I turned a corner and the car slowed down and would not shift gears. I stopped and turned if off and since then it will not turn over. I was told it was probably the transmission. It has 165,000 miles and everything e...
Should I replace the rubber under the hood (top and bottom radiator hoses, drive belt, and etc.?) now and possibily miss a tow fee or am I good for another 8 or 10 years?
I have an idea it is the fuel pump, it stalls and only runs if I am pressing the gas
tried disconnecting battery,reconnecting still have engine light
Used a gallon in one week recently
when an intake gasket for a 3.1/3.4 liter gm is 5-6 hours for labor how is it only going to cost 200-400 for the repair?
turn signals and emergency flashers don't work. i replaced fuses for both.......still nothing. could it be a relay? if so, where is it located?
where are the starter bolts on a 2000 chevy lumina
Yest. Two days ago I replaced the battery and it ran fine after one day. I got in my car this morning and it would not turn over or even give a clicking sound. the lights and radio and all electrical functions seem...
my rear tire is bent in just a little what could be bent?
my turn signals do not work and my brake lights either however the brake light in the window still does. i have replaced bulbs, fuses on the passenger side of the dashboard and the part under the steering wheel under...
I change light the bulb in my low beam headlight and it still dont work,what can cause this problem