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How do I get the window bracket out so I can drill old rivets out and rivet new window in?
I put a new thermostat and radiator on it and i still have to do it.
is this a throttle position problem? or clogged cat. converter?
It only makes noises under the hood when I give it gas. It runs great and doesn't make any noise when I'm not giving it gas. What could be wrong with it? Thank you!
Can't smog my car until I replace the crankshaft as well as it resetting its self. I also know where the location is but my question is what is the best way to replace the sensor iI heard two ways the first way is lif...
My low coolant light will not go off. The coolant isn't low...it stays full, so I don't assume there are any leaks. Ive replaced the sensor, and that's not it, either.
I broke down the other day my car over heated it stalled,so I checked the radiater for water come to find out my hose at the bottom of radiater was off,now has oil in radiater and my overflow was full of oil,is it wor...
or can we bypass the ignition alltogether
98 Chevy Lumina V-6. I found the brake master Cylinder almost empty. Filled it up but have seen drops around the back firewall/middle of car some type of fluid recently. Just multiple drops. Some of it trans fluid I t...
diving on highway car started to vibrate very bad ,drive ok under 10mph, left rear wheel has lots of movement when going over 8 mph