2013 Chevrolet Impala Questions

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Is it OK to disconnect at the rear of the car where the carbon canister connects to the under body tube and at the purge solenoid at the engine to use shop air to clear the tube before installing the new solenoid to prevent any carbon particles from plugging up the new solenoid and prevent it from getting plugged again as a precaution.

I was parking when the abs light came on should I be concerned

I have a 2013 Chevy Impala and a few days ago I had hit a curve and my right passenger tire blowout and I drove a little while to the house. now my new tire is rubbing the back of the frame and the right tire goes in a little to the left and the steering wheel is about 2 o'clock when it's supposed to be straight. Could anyone tell me what the problem could be?

Every 5000 miles?

I'ts coming from the trunk area.

Nothing is dripping.

The part # is VC4127 and it's a plastic tank containing sm pcs of charcoal w/fuel and vacuum hoses! Is it near the purge valve?

Every once in a while it makes a rubbing sound the light goes off. If i pull out my drive way it will make the rubbing sound or if I'm driving. Sound metal ia hitting together

It snapped off in there and I can't get it out. Is it cover in my warranty or is it recalled. I've read alot on people with similar problems getting there keys stock also.

I just had a Soleniod (81648 Vent Value) replaced 2 weeks ago and now my engine light is back on. I'm told i need a Valve soleniod (purge Valve)

Shut off problems. I changed the positive terminal but it wasn't wired good .car will lose connection. Just brought terminal assembly for it.

When I get to the gas station I turn my car off and put the gas in the car once I'm done I would tighten the gas cap get back on my car and try to restart. It cranks for a while before it would starts, sometimes I would have to push the gas paddle to get it going, but knowing that I have this issue I would try to leave it running and put gas in but it would shut off sometimes or sound real ruff. I had it checked at auto zone and it came up with a gas cap code but I'm now thinking that it might be something different. Please tell me what could the problem. Thank you Kelli.

I just bought this car in June. The clunk and grinding noise I hear started the very next week while I was on vacation. I took it back to Liberty Ford and the mechanic drove it and of course he didn't hear the noise. His response was since I don't hear it I don't know what to look for. When it gets worse come back. WHAT KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT. This past Wednesday was the kicker. We were making a left hand turn across 3 lanes of traffic and the grinding and clunk almost got us killed. Friday night I took the car back and left it at Liberty Ford. I'm not picking it up until it's fixed. My husband had to show off before they took me seriously.