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When I brake in my 2003 Chevy Impala, the pedal goes far to the floor and it feels like it is pulsing. It just feels like it is too spongy and like the pedal should have a firmer feel when it's hit. I spent money on r...
after changing the oil pressure sensor the message and light came on but oil was changed @ 4000 miles ago. checked oil numerous times and was FULL. the light comes on sometimes when accelorating or turning. haven't ch...
Brakes vibrate, I think muffler is getting loud, right now it gets me where I'm going. I'm concerned with problems cropping up in the near future that may be more expensive than the payments for the new car. I've ch...
When this all started I drove it to store it was fine came home few min. Later went to start it and would crank over but not start replaced oil pressure sensor cause that's what codes said but still nothing
It jerked a little over the last few days. Wondering if it is transmission or fuel pump issues or other.
Is that true, if so where in St Louis Missouri do I take my car?
replaced gas pedal sensor and still comes on. The worrying part it keeps reducing power and even shuts down
the car doors sometimes lock and sometimes unlock as they should. Problem is intermittent. Each door is intermittent, sometimes it will unlock/lock when I want it to but most times it won't.
Ive already done a fuel filter and regulator.could it be my fuel pump?&if so is there aan access in the trunk to change it? Thank u
Pulls out fine but going from 1st to 2nd it lags. The rpms will go up btwn 3 and 4000. Then yesterday it decided not to shif into 2nd at all.
Changed both the high and low Bram lights go after market Hids and they were working just fine than out of know where the high beams would stay on all the time even when the car was off. Any ideas what could be wrong?
I just had the car in for transmission service and when I got it back the AC now doesn't work. The light just flashes when I turn it on