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replaced gas pedal sensor and still comes on. The worrying part it keeps reducing power and even shuts down
The noise gets louder when I push on the gas pedal. How much would it cost roughly to have this service fixed? Also, I had an alignment done recently after getting tires done and now the car feels as though it is no l...
I have changed the Battery, starter, and ignition module. What else could it be? Please advise. Thanks in advance
Still have light after replacing hub and sensor harness.
i would like to know what causes that.
Chevy Impala 2009: Problems: 1) dash dials go to Zero 2)all indicators lights come on 3) dash dials will just flip up then back to nothing 4) Once car is stopped, it may or may not start immediately. HAS BEEN IN...
when its doing this sometimes I kill it and it wont start back leaving me and kids stranded. It had a recall and they say its been took care of then took car back for gauge problem they said its been fixed within 24 h...
doesn't feel like engine is firing on all cylinders
i turn my car on and i try putting it in gear and it wont shift from park i only have 65,000 miles on it is there any way you can tell me what needs to be done i would appreciate your help
I am receiving a tire pressure system alarm. One tire is reporting 0 psi. All tires test ok with a hand held guage.