It was making a loud breaking noise before it locked it switches gear but tire is locked

my keys were lost and i dont have the bread to pay a dealership

Slipping 2008 Chevy impala

My 2008 impala has damage to driver door and i have. 2006 impala for parts and i wanted to know if i can swap doors?

Chatter starts when I open the door, lasts for 5-25 seconds, goes out and comes again. Key does not have to be in ignition, but also when driving, AC on or off.

My car clicks and ticks, loudly, in the passenger air bag area once I turn off my a/c. #Chevy #Impala #2008 #LS

I bought a factory cap the light stayed off for about 100 miles then came back had it tested again said replace the gas cap what should I do

Happens at any time

The three codes are: P0523, P0689 and P2122.

Occurs whenever I accelerate at 40-45mph. Feels like water in gas, but that's not problem.

Happen suddenly. Key is stacked in ignition, is not turned off, having to disconnect battery. What is wrong

The actuator on my chevy impala is making a clicking noise under the right side of my dashboard by the glove compartment. I won't be able to have a mechanic look at it until the weekend (around 5 days from now). I am worried because I will turn my car off and the noise persist for a while then turn off. Is this draining my car battery? I start a new job soon and I need to be able to rely on my car. Thank you!