2008 Chevrolet Impala Questions

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Just had the oil changed today at Walmart.

The side view mirror was hit and broken off the passengers side.

I went outside to start my car it didn't start no click or nothing but all my lights were on radio on was able to roll my windows up and down... Went got a jump nothing but still is able to cut everything on... Any suggestions to what it might be?

the service stabilitrak light come on while driveing

Computer censor hiw much does it cost

How do I remove shifter center console to get to shifter solenoid

When driving from a stop position. It happens almost every time now from 0 to 10 miles per hour

The starter is making a wining noise and is getting super hot . Wat cause that ?

I was parked in my inclined driveway and I tried putting my car in drive it wouldn't go in gear it's done it before but I was able to pull a lil hard and it would go in gear. Today I tried and it broke because now my gear shifter just goes up and down can u please help.

My car is leaking oil. found a puddle about a l.5 feet under the right side passenger side near wheel.

Every time I start my car the senor light says engine hot a/c off but is not hot ,then the engine light came temperature gauge does move ,and it blows good heat

When I drive the car sometimes the car shifts hard and will at times make a klunking sound. I was gonna try Lucas tranny No Slip but hear muxed reviews. Car has been maintained and in good condition but Past few weeks this jerking when shifting and sometimes Klunking nouse please help me Yes,Im a single lady but do know how to check levels etc please give me any advise Thank you Shelly

2008 impala won't crank it will start one day and not work the next. Spent 700.00 already

It was making a loud breaking noise before it locked it switches gear but tire is locked

my keys were lost and i dont have the bread to pay a dealership