It went through standing water during storm it it a grounding issue n where r the wires for the sending unit on the engine

Sometimes I gotta push the gas pedal to the floor to start the car. Why is that?

Just had the rack changed 2 weeks ago and today heard a squealing noise and very hard to steer.

Car won't start, battery is good starter is good

Heated catalyst and AC refrigerant not supported

Lights come on got a new Battery. Took to Auto Zone they hooked it up didn't find any thing..So what's the problem yall need to do a recall cause iv seen a lot of the same problems that I'm talking about right now....We all need to get together an get a law suit started cause this doesn't make any sense. .

No obvious signs of leaks. Transmission pan gasket has been changed and checked.

I've replaced diver side hole panel and still nothing. People say it may be the frues.

Car ran befor with no problem once it was turned off hours later when trying to restart car it gets nothing