when traveling up a ramp I seem to have no power and when I am driving normal it seems like my impala wants to accelerate.

We have replaced the thermostat,radiator,water pump, and the heating core. Don't know hat else to do

Our mechicanic said our struts and shocks are OK (milage 138000) We bought Goodyear tires at Sears ( NEW ), with about 50000 miles on them, and now they are starting to cup and Sears said our struts and shock should have been replaced at 50000 miles Is this true

What is the fair price to fix this ?

hot air coming out one side when air condioner is running the other side is cool

oil in cooling system-low tire pressure stays on

why doesnt my fan work inside my engine its making my car over heat

is a 2004 impala wheel hub swappable with any other cars.
thank you

What does it mean when transmission lines are leaking, and what is the cost to repair them?

How do I get the center pad off from the steering wheel so I can fix the problem? I can not use the horn I had to pull out the relay.


on your site you say that the speedometer/gauge cluster has had an extended warranty to 7 years or 70,000mi. how do i find someone to do that warranty work. the dealer said he doesn't have anything on it but i should bring it in to see.

step on gas strange sound hesitates traction light comes on

both side dose't work

The air/heat doesn't work on the driver side. In the winter it blows cold air and in the summer it blows hot air.