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Going 65 mph on interstate the speedometer starting showing 120mph and the indicator would go past that speed. When I got home I shut the car off and then turned the ignition on and off to just the on position not st...
The passenger side front wheel feels wobbly when driving at all speeds. Lug nuts are tight. Plastic lug nut covers broken off for some reason.
how to properrly change yor water pump
My driver side window will not roll up. when i push the button to roll the window up or down you can hear the motor still working, so i think its the regulator. how much does that cost to get fixed??
2004 chevy impala sudden onset of speedometer stuck between 30-40. Will go up but not back to 0.
i have heat on was my passanger side but no heat on the driver side was toled that it was a mod valve wanted to know if thats right and where it was located.
the switch on dash is driver/passenger it switch over on passenger side but not on driver side the passenger side get nice and hot?what is the problem switch bad where and how do i need to do,thank
How difficult to replace intake manifold gasket?
what would cause this to happen.the chevrolet dealer states that they cannot locate the cause?
car pulls to the left when i hit a bump or on slick streets . i also can see it pretty bent .
i want to know if i can change the power steering fluid myself and how
car has 67K miles. CEL went on last week. Had the code checked. Was told it could be the fuel injectors need cleaning. Put in Lucas fuel inj cleaner with full tank of gas. When should light go off? Or do I need to re...
My speedometer has stopped working. It was irratic for awhile. The dial has gone below zero, but it still seems to register (and move the dial) as I speed up. What could the problem be?
The cooling fan does not turn on when the engine gets hot. What turns the fan on when the engine is hot?
I have a small shaking coming from the front rioght side of my car, i pulled tire off and check the 3 and 9 and then 12 and 6 and there was no play so i rulled out ball joints? could be hub bearing or tire rod? i hit ...