parts store did not have non abs hub in stock said these will work just snip off the wire and it will be fine to use live in rural area from store and only have the one car.have several miles on car, started hearing roaring noise from front on highway driving, after research decided to replace front hubs any info is appreciated.thank you

My car is shifting rough when I come to a stop and then start. I think it is the pressure solenoid that needs to be replaced.

If they have not, as the current owner how do get them done?

Is it the passlock 1,passlock 2, passlock 3 or the VATS SECURITY INSTALLED

The battery light comes on intermittently while driving but the car does not stall, the alternator was JUST changed and the same thing continues to happen.

The tranmission barely slips now it rained it seemed to magically went away !!!!!!

Sometimes when I hit a bump or a door is slammed, the blower kicks in and blows really hard, but most of the time it doesn't blow.

Once I get the car started it drives just fine... It just has a really hard start

My car was blowing cold air and then overheated. Took it in to my mechanic, replaced the thermostat and flushed the core out. Heat and car worked great for two months, then the same things happened, took it back in and he flushed out the core again, heat worked great for four days now it is doing the same thing. The mechanic says the core is the problem and wants $657.00 to replace it. From all my own research people say it is either the core or the actuators that will cause this nonsense. Anyone have any thoughts on this matter? I appreciate your time and assistance.

The key slides freely in and out of the ignition but it will not turn. I've tried turning the stearing wheel, messing with the tilt. I've stepped out of the car locked it, unlocked it and still no luck. (SIDE NOTE: I have one of those nifty cars that have the ignition in the dash, not the stearing column).

Just started this evening, have not noticed it before. No codes or messages appear on message board. coolant has been filled

have been having problem after problem w car and today key again locked up so i looked at all wires and found almost all of them burnt under hood i c put connecters on and installed radio and radio wnt turn on and key wnt turn so i disconnected radio and gave it a try the key turned car started all my guages started working again, i thought u needed the radio was the cars mind?

My gear shift is loose and will not go in drive,reverse etc as if its not connected to anything I just got out my car and got back in and this happened what can be the problem?

I took everything apart and all wires are good, fuses good. So I guess I'll have to get new ignition lock cylinder, but would the lock cylinder cause the problem w shifter nob not popping out all the way? I also noticed that my battery (positive) screw is stripped so I put a charger on it and noticed there is no charge on positive side. Would that cause all the problems?

Wondering if I can put a 6 gaugd instrument cluster into my 2004 impala base 3.4lcl currently have the 3gauge