2004 impala 3.400 ,cars cutting out 10mph or less or at a stop ,have to keep gas idling so it won't cut out ,have 2 push gas to start . thought it needed a tune up because of this and the loss of power ,spark plugs replaced plus wires ,when doing plugs Machanic said there was gas in them plus 45&6 plugs were reading a miss fire on the comp but Machanic couldn't figure out why ,checked coils ,checked altinator?,no change ,changed fuel filter and fuel regulater ,no change but now the check engine light comes on what gives ?,gas pump not making any noise ? Did the expensive fuel treatments with premium gas little bit of change but now back to normal again ,fuel injectors ? Should've got better with treatments right ? Tired of kicking out $ and none of these dudes can figure it out ???

the light comes on and I cant start my car with my key but It starts up fine with my auto start ... kinda of lost about that

after going through deep wate, the car starts but runs rough and stalls, untill warmed up.

Replaced the plug with new pigtail i bought from the dealer. The shifter not moving was the first problem we had that is fixed now but the key staying the ignition still happens. I double checked all the connection i soldered all the splices and heat shank them all properly. everything is good. everyone say its the yellow wire? rechecked all fine??? have use manual override to release key. Please help!!! any suggestions????

When I put it in drive and reverse it car moves a little then stops when you accelerate it pops and moves.I put car in neutral and same problem what could it be?

if i dont disconnect the battery cable if i go in to the store by the time i come out my battery will be dead and will have to jump start the car. and i would like to know what would cause that. it happens every time if i dont disconnect the cable after i turn the car off

ive changed the water pump,thermostat,radiator,hoses , and the temp gauge. when u open the radiator cap and start the car it shoots out as if something blocked I was told it could be the heater core because my blower come on but cold air come out. the coolant in the reserve bubble but the actual car aint smoking or nothing could it be cause its not circulating threw the heater core

I had the resistor replaced but it still has the problem. also the old resistor tests good. I have a recall on this car to fix a ignition problem...the key will have a plastic piece put on it to make the hole smaller so you can't hang heavy stuff on it.
I think that is a crock..if the ignition can turn off the car going down the road why is the ignition not being replaced?????
It won't turn the fan off...runs down the battery unless the resistor is unplugged. $177.00 Later I still have the problem.

While going down the road about 40 mph the car or tranny starts surging bad.. You have to let off the gas then step back into it.. Its an ex police car and doesnt like to be drove normally

The rest of the air conditioner works & when I hooked up a brand new blower it still down didn't work.My fuel gauge, temperature gauge,& speedometer doesn't read right either.What can fix this problem.I need my air conditioner in Texas summer.

Earlier today,when I pressed the button to lower the driver window, there was a buzzing sound, window didn't move. Now, my wife lowered the passenger window and it won't go back up; none of the switches work for any of the windows. Passenger (F) window wont go back up now. Could this be a problem with the breaker or the switch?